This just in…

This just in…

We’ve got some fantastic products in with this week’s order, check out our highlights!

Tasty’s Strawberry Infused Pre-Rolls offer an unbeatable combination of 50% THC with a fruity taste,  without breaking the bank – only $25.99 for a 3 pack!

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get the Tropic Thunder Heavies in stock, this batch delivered at 48.5%THC for 3×0.5g  – only $21.99! We have the Gnarberry in stock too!

For those who prefer to switch up their strains….

The Big Bag Combo is a very neat concept! One ounce, half sativa leaning, and half indica leaning! We have the Ultra Sour / GMO Cookies batch still in stock, and just got in the new Ultra Sour / Ice Cream Cookies batch! Only $92!

Apothecary Labs’ Extra Strength Roll-On Gel is an all-natural remedy made with essential oils and 60mg of THC and 180mg of CBD. The fast-acting topical roll-on gel is smooth smells great. $39.99

These Liquid Diamond 1.0 g Prefilled Vape Carts from Endgame are a game-changer, at only $29.99!

The Platinum Punch is pure THC Diamonds mixed with a fruity, gassy, and icey blend of exotic terps, sitting at about 90% THC. Winner of the summer 2023 Endgame in-house selection!

We also have the MosaZ, which has the allure of citrusy orange and vibrant clementine, expertly blended with layers of sweet, tropical fruitiness, and 95% THC!

Have you tried any of these?! We would love to hear your feedback!!
Let us know in-store, or you can comment below!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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