The Sesh: Vol II

The Sesh: Vol II

We are starting to get warmed up – here is Volume II of The Sesh!
Please comment below if you have any questions or ideas for what you would like to see on the next installment of The Sesh!

PEACH RINGZ Vape Cartridge by General Admission

THC Range: 84 – 90%
Infused with botanical terpenes, dominant in Limonene

“Smooth and potent sticky sweet with a burst of peach flavour. I love the tingly, happy feeling I get after a few puffs of this fantastic vape cartridge. My energy is way up, my anxiety way down and I’m full of giggles.”  ~Trish

Come on Down to Funky Bong Town

“This neon Pink Bong just brightens my mood by looking at it. It would be perfect filled with tasty Honeycomb by Ness!
If you just watched the Barbie movie and liked it, this Bong is for you!”   ~Ashley

SGT. PINEAPPLE by Super Toast
Strain: Pineapple God
THC Range: 21-27%
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool

“Sgt. Pineapple is sweet and vibrant with tropical aromas and a smooth tasty smoke.  This fluffy, fresh pre-milled product is Sativa leaning with an uplifting effect. I would highly recommend!” ~ Lora

DONNY BURGER by Frazer Valley

THC range: 22%-28%
Terpene Profile: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

“D. Burger is deliciously savoury, pungent and gassy. It’s known for its cheeses, garlic and gas aromas — think grilled cheese and dank garlic. Personally, I find the high to be a very mellow body type high, making it a perfect smoke at any time of day.”   ~Lexi

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