Infused Pumpkin Tarts!

Infused Pumpkin Tarts!

I’ve been meaning to try about some of the water soluble edible products we carry at The Garden; doing a comparison of how they taste, and how well they incorporate into baked goods. I really love pumpkin pie, so Thanksgiving seems to be a perfect time to try out THC Infused Pumpkin Tarts!

For this test I used:
TGOD’s Ripple THC Dissolvable Powder
Phat420’s Infused White Sugar, and
Verywell’s Yawn Drops.

I used THIS RECIPE  for the pumpkin pie filling, it only requires 5 ingredients, plus tart shells! You could do this even easier, and purchase ready made pie filling, if you really wanted to cut down on prep time.
To account for tarts, I cut the baking temp to 400 and the time to 25mins.

Because I was doing a test of 3 different products, I separated 2 tbsp of pie filling into separate containers.
I wanted each tart to be 5mg of THC, so I added a 1/2 package of Sugar to one, 1/2 package of TGOD to one, and 10 drops of Verywell to one.

If I was doing a large batch of infused tarts, I would have just done the calculation for all tarts, and mixed my infusion product into the entire batch and mixed well so that each tart got the same about of THC.

My findings: All products were pretty easy to work with, and yielded yummy infused treats!

-The TGOD Dissolvable Powder didn’t like to mix into the thick pumpkin mixture as easily as the other 2, but in my opinion produced the best end result for flavour.
-The Phat420 Infused Sugar worked well, but it drastically increased the sweetness of the finished product. If using this product in baking in the future, I would take the additional sugar into consideration if you don’t like things too sweet.
-The Verywell Yawn Drops were the easiest to dose (2 drops=1mg THC), and very easy to mix into the pie filling, but I found there was a very slight bitter aftertaste in the finished product. I would use it again, but I would say it is better suited to drinks and baked goods on the sweeter side.

I hope you try this recipe out this Thanksgiving!
Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I will try and help you the best I can.

   ~Love Brook & everyone at Team Garden

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