Our plant ‘Pepper’ has been taken!

Pepper is a small Peperomia Frost, that we raised, with love, from a cutting.
She was last seen on August 20th, at 4:39pm, in the possession of a man in his mid-late 30s, with dark hair, black & red ball cap, a sleeveless jean-vest with grey hood, and blue bandana face mask!

Since we would never think that one of our customer’s would steal from us, we can only assume the plant has been taken for a spa day, because the miniature garden tools beside her were also taken.
Or perhaps it’s because the plant napper is just sad and lonely and really needed a friend?

Whatever the reason, we would really like our plant back now.
Spa treatments rarely last this long, and if it’s a plant friend you need, just take a cutting before you bring Pepper back, and we can forget this whole thing ever happened…
However, if you don’t bring the plant back in 48 hours or less, we can only assume that you decided to steal from us, and then we will have to NAME & SHAME YOU!
It won’t be very difficult, as we already know your name, and have very clear video of you taking the plant.

At The Garden, our plants are precious to us, and we won’t tolerate this.

UPDATE: We didn’t get our plant back… so here you go!

Strathmore Now heard about the plantnapping, and wanted to help get the word out with this cute & funny article!

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