What’s New at The Garden?

What’s New at The Garden?

We like to keep it interesting around here, so if it’s been a while since you visited us, this week is a good one to come check out our fantastic prices and selection.

Our menu now has 10 beautiful strains available for $30 or under in 3.5g and $10 or under in single grams, and 4 strains available for under $60 in 7.0 grams.
We also have a new every-day low price on our Trailblazer Spark, Flicker & Glow Stix 0.5g pre-rolls!

Here is the low-down on this week’s deals, starting Friday!
Aurora OG Melon 3.5g – Save $3.00
Twd. Sativa 3.5g – Save $5.00
Aurora Summer Fling 3.5g – Save $3.00
Acreage Pharms All Kush 3.5g – Save $2.50
7Acres White Widow 3.5g – Save $2.00
AHLOT Cannabis Discovery Sample Pack 5.0g – Save $5.00
Solei Balance (THC/CBD) Oral Spray 15ml – Save $5.00
Twd. Indica 1.0g Pre-Roll – Save $2.00
Fireside Black 3.5g – Save $6.50
High Tide Dark Star 3.5g – Save $4.00

ps…. Make sure to come and see us on your Birthday for 10% off your order!
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