We’ve Got a Strain For That!

We’ve Got a Strain For That!

What’s up this weekend?!

We want to ensure your last long weekend of the summer is exactly what you need; so whether you’ll be relaxing by the pool, hiking in the mountains, or back to school shopping – we’ve got a strain for that!

The Garden is ready with a HUGE selection of Pre-Rolls, Flower, and Edible products…and of course, we couldn’t let a long weekend go by without a wicked SALE! 

Here are the products we have on sale this weekend – all weekend, while supplies last!

Trailblazer Spark Stix Pre-Roll 1×0.5g – Save $1.00
Riff Sunday Special Pre-Roll 1×1.0g – Save $1.00
Twd. Sativa 3.5g – Save $10.00
Canaca Green ‘Cush’ 3.5g – Save $2.00
Acreage Pharms OA (Outlaw Amnesia) 3.5g – Save $8.00
DNA Chocolate Fondue 3.5g – Save $5.00
Trailblazer Glow Stix Pre-Roll 1×0.5g – Save $1.00
Symbl Daily Rind Pre-Rolls 4×0.5g – Save $7.00
Synr.G Tropical Breeze 3.5g – Save $5.00
Up Cannabis 50 Kush 3.5g – Save $10.00
Trailblazer Flicker Stix Pre-Roll 1×0.5g – Save $1.00
Twd. Indica Pre-Roll 1.0g – Save $1.00
Solei Renew 1.0g – Save $1.50
Color Cannabis Blueberry Seagal 3.5g – Save $3.00
MK Ultra 3.5g – Save $4.00

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