Heavy Hitter Sale – Friday Only

We thought our customers would appreciate having some high THC products on sale for a change…
So, for one day only, you can get these HEAVY HITTERS on sale at The Garden!

LBS Sunset, 3.5g (23%) THC – Save $6.00
7Acres Sensi Star, 3.5g (19.5% THC) – Save $6.00
Canna Farms GSC, 3.5g (19-20.5% THC) – Save $5.00
Canna Farms Pink Kush, 3.5g (24% THC) – Save $5.00
Vertical Cannabis Cold Creek Kush, 3.5g (20% THC) – Save $4.00
Edison Blue Velvet, 3.5g (20.5% THC) – Save $6.00
*Sale runs Friday September 20, while supplies last*

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